Politics 15-11-2018

Resignation Attorney General of Ecuador

The Attorney General of Ecuador, Paúl Perez Reina, resigned his functions for personal reasons, informed the president of the Council of Citizen Participation (CPCCS), Julio César Trujillo.

"In the next session of the CPCCS we will consider the resignation, if accepted, we will proceed to take the resolutions of the case so that the Prosecutor does not remain without the official who has competence to intervene in the processes that interest society," Trujillo said at a conference. of the press.

The CPCCS is transitory; it ceased in its functions to the previous one after last February the Ecuadorians pronounced themselves in a popular consultation in that sense.

It must be in office until 2019, when a popular vote is called to elect its new members.

The CPCCS is the entity in charge of appointing the control authorities, such as the attorney general and comptroller general of the Nation, state attorney and ombudsman, among others.

Pérez Reina returned a few days ago from China, where he held meetings with his counterpart Zhang Ju on the draft Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty on Criminal Matters, which will be signed in December when the president of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, visits the Asian country.

In Ecuador, Pérez's trip had created an expectation, as it was commented in various political circles and on social networks that the two prosecutors will exchange information about alleged irregularities in oil sales to China during the government of Rafael Correa (2007-2017), although these versions were never confirmed.

Trujillo said that Pérez Reina had his family in the city of Ibarra (north, about 115 kilometers from Quito) so since his appointment he had to be separated from his family and wanted to resume his normal life.

Pérez Reina assumed the functions as prosecutor in charge on May 3, to replace the prosecutor Carlos Baca Mancheno, who was censored and dismissed by the National Assembly at the end of April.

The public prosecutor must be appointed through a merit contest, but the date for this is not yet known.

The Office of the Attorney General of the Nation at the moment has opened several inquiries about cases of alleged corruption during the Correa government.


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